How My Christmas Tree Helped Me Heal

It was December 2017. In the thick of my fill in the blank season. I had decided I wasn’t going to completely skip decorating my home for Christmas. I have always loved Christmas trees ~ especially one with extra twinkle lights. So I pulled out my Christmas tree, plugged it in and there it was…aContinue reading “How My Christmas Tree Helped Me Heal”

As We Step Into December

As we step into December, let’s be mindful of the increased hustle and bustle. It is a most anticipated time of year. For some, the anticipation is joy, parties and activity. For some, the anticipation is anxiety, withdrawal and isolation. For the latter, this is specifically for you. Sometimes there is no giddy anticipation ofContinue reading “As We Step Into December”

The Practice of Gratitude

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I encourage you to practice gratitude.  It paves the way for a new kind of living. Gratitude honors our Creator. Gratitude can be found in the smallest and biggest of ways daily life. When you practice gratitude, you will find more gratitude.  And it will change how you live andContinue reading “The Practice of Gratitude”