Falling in Love

“Fall in love with the process of how God prepares you for His promises.” ~Cheryl Winham

I was the person who wanted to get to the end, to the promise, to the destination. I missed the magic of the process. I missed the beauty of the journey. And upon arrival to my desired destination, I wouldn’t even pause long enough to enjoy it and would plow ahead to the next thing. I accomplished a lot but took no joy in it ~ I delighted in little ~ I was a checklist junkie who was afraid to pause because it might all fall part.

And guess what happened. Things fell apart anyway.

But what I’ve learned is that God has a way of doing things to draw us nearer to Him. It is in the falling apart that often things are actually falling into place.

Many things. Most things are outside my control. But God. I can trust and rest in the One who gave me life. My days are no longer filled with worry or what ifs or anxiety or panic or rushing to the next thing. I have learned the most beautiful moments can be the hardest moments, the clusters of unknown, the seemingly monotonous. The take your breath away moments are when your greatest pain is used to offer hope to someone or it helps another feel less alone.

I have fallen in love with the process.

And I have discovered that the promises and destination are not some far off ideal. They are showing up on a daily basis. It is the person who sits in my office and shares their heart or their struggle. It is the person who stops me in the store and thanks me for sharing my journey. It is the best friend who God planted right alongside me before I knew she would be my best friend. It is the peace that surpasses all, all, all understanding. It is living with peace and calm and assurance despite the storms raging around me.

The process and promise are in a dance. And that dance ~ that process ~ is worth falling in love with.

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