Spring is Coming

You may think it will never arrive…your Spring. But it will. I cannot promise you a timeline and I cannot promise you it will look like what you hope for. What I know is it will arrive in the perfect time and in ways you didn’t know you needed or wanted.

You have been in the pain, in the waiting and the rising WILL come. It’s is coming right now. The bulbs and leaves didn’t just appear. They started off in a dormant, dead-like state. They had to grow, work, push through the hard winter ground and make their way to the sunlight. The beauty that is about to be revealed when the flowers open up didn’t come without struggle and work and time. It’s the same for you and me.

It’s a process. It’s doing hard things. It’s a work taking place in us. It’s what seems like pain that won’t stop and time in slow motion. Your pain may feel like it is without purpose. Your waiting may seem like it is caught in a repeat cycle.

But hang on, friend. Your Spring is coming.

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