Sitting on Benches

“The benches we are invited to sit on with others may not always lead us to the security we long for. Sometimes they will simply provide us a safe place to feel insecure.”

At some point and at more than one point in our lives, we will feel insecure. And as humans we long for security. I know I long for it. There have been more days than not where insecurity tries to win.

I could give you a list of ways I have felt insecure. Or can still feel insecure on certain days. A long list. Just because I love Jesus does not mean I get a hall pass from feeling insecure.

And while some days I wish the benches I am invited to sit at had a magical power to make all my insecurities disappear, I am so very grateful that some of those benches are a safe place for me to show up as my most authentic self. Doubt. Insecurity. Uncertainty. All included. Those are the benches I where I want to sit.

If you don’t have a bench that is a safe place to feel insecure, find one.

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