The Last Semester

For those of you parents who have a son or daughter starting their last semester of high school today, soak it all up. Enjoy it. Do all the things. Cry. Laugh. Cry some more. And be flexible. Expect the plans may change. And accept it is ok for the plans to change.

We were starting that final semester at this time two years ago. And we knew the path that Curtis was going to take. Until a curveball or two were thrown his way. And although we had months of uncertainty and didn’t know what his new path would be, we embraced the uncertainty and prayed for a new path to be made just for him. And that path was made.

Two years ago we had a plan. Today he is walking out a different plan.

So be flexible, parents. Big, huge decisions are facing your almost high school graduates right now. And some things may come that are outside anyone’s control. Or your emerging adult child may change his or her mind about said plans. Walk WITH him or her as decisions and plans begin to be made. And then change.

It will be ok. I promise.

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