Small Town Living

I read a blog post a while back that not only attacked small town living but also an individual who has chosen to continue small town living into adulthood. And it caused me to reflect on my own small town. 

If you choose big city life, I think that is beautiful for you. If you choose small town livin’ (here in the South we drop the G at the end of words), I think that is beautiful for you. Individual choices to be respected. 

Small town life was a huge part of my support system when my life temporarily fell apart and then fell back into place. My first thought was to duck and run and go where no one knew me. But I knew my best choice was to stay where I was known.

Small town life loved me, encouraged me and cried with me. Small town life covered me in prayer, laughed with me and plotted with me.

Small town life brought me hugs from clients, friends who let me display any emotion and many gave a listening ear with no urge to give advice. Male and female. Young and old. Wealthy and not as wealthy. It didn’t matter. Small town people show up. Pretty amazing, huh? 

I will forever be grateful I can walk over to a neighbor’s house and sit at their table or around the campfire or talk on my office front porch with a client who is as much as or more of a friend. And I’ll even be grateful that I can go into a store and see 15 people I know who want to know how I am doing & vice versa (even though my introverted self sometimes wants to hide 😉). 

I imagine you can find the same in the city. Man, I sure hope so. Or you are missing out. But there’s no reason to make a judgment about others because of the population of where they live. 

Heber Springs, you are home to me. You are salt of the earth, the hands and feet and have a heart that loves big and gives without hesitation.

Let’s celebrate the small town, the city and the in between!!

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