The Middle of the Night

I cannot remember exactly when I first wrote this but it was during a six month period when sleep failed me. I found myself awake way too many nights in a row. I already knew I can be a bit, ahem, unpleasant if I miss too much sleep. But what I also learned is that it was easier to listen to the lies and doubts and negative thoughts when I was lacking sleep and rest.

So I made myself a list of truths to focus on when I found myself tossing & turning and flipping on the television in an attempt to drown out the negative noise.

These are truths and reminders I gave myself. Some are serious and some are silly. And to this day, I still read them from time to time.

1. Setting boundaries & sticking to them is freedom not confining.  I am free!

2. I have the best tribe. And the most beautiful part is that no two of them are alike.

3. God’s mercies are new every single morning.

4. It’s good to laugh. It’s freedom to get angry. And it’s ok to cry. 

5. Making a mistake doesn’t mean I am a mistake. 

6. I am smart and strong. (So are you, friend.)

7. Life is messy. Embrace the mess & uncertainty.  Otherwise I will fight a battle that will exhaust me.

8. Guacamole is my love language.

9. I am enough.

10. Choose integrity over a temporary moment of making myself feel better.

11. Keep owning my story. Live IN my life. Some days it may be the grandest adventure. Some days it may hurt like hell. But if I only live IN my life when it’s easy, that’s dishonest. Live authentic.

12. Watch “Friends.”  It makes me laugh out loud…even through tears.

13. I am a child of God.

14. Rockstar status is mine…during my car concerts. 

15. My red hair is hot.

Make your own list! And then read it and re-read it as often as you need to. What’s on your list?! I would love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “The Middle of the Night

  1. I also struggle with sleepless nights when my mind will not shut down. My go to “help” is to go through my list of blessings, which are many, and being very specifically thankful for each one. I’m going to add some of your thoughts to my “helps”. Thank you.


  2. My “list” was on my phone in the firm of picture posters like – Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith on what will be.


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