My Plea to You

Yes. I’m guest blogging, and that’s still the same as blogging. It is me… throwing my raw, sweet meat ideas out to that ravenous wolf, the filthy internet. Groucho Marx once said, “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.” Yet, here I am. 

Whatever showy vocabulary word I could use for beg and plead, that’s what I do for you. I beg and plead for you to, just one single day, choose to find gratitude. Force it. Fight your nausea. Eye roll it all you want. A change of mindset begins with one (1).  One time, one morning, one day, one week, one change. I’m proof that it works. I’m challenging my daughter to it. Warning: it’s humbling. 

When I realized that none of us deserves anything, gratitude for everything took priority. From a Christian perspective, all of us are sinners and that’s what makes Grace so special. From a secular perspective, no matter how much good you’ve done, it’s not as much good as someone else. Combining both, none of us deserve anything. We’ve all done some pretty lousy stuff in life…to ourselves, to each other, to friends, to enemies, and to family.

I’m incredibly grateful for friends that have become family and for family that became even more. I’m grateful for any opportunity to help someone, and I don’t do anything magical for people. Just listening to some means the world to them. I’m grateful God gave me a career that involves me in major life decisions for many people. I’m frighteningly humbled and grateful for the breaths of air I’ve taken today. There’s a bunch of billions people on earth today, and I know, even if I have the worst day of all of them, I’ll be grateful for 1 in a bunch of billion odds of having a far better day tomorrow. I probably deserved my daughter who drives me nuts by being just like me, but I definitely didn’t do anything to deserve that same daughter that loves me as deeply as she does.

If you’re reading this guest blog, know that the blogger and guest blogger love you, no matter how well we know each other. Take the gratitude challenge. Find it. Find it for every little bitty thing in your life. 

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