All Apologies

I (Cheryl) am away playing and resting this week. So I’d like to introduce a guy who has been a great friend to me and my brothers for over 20 years. John values people & life and gets that exercising empathy & adding value to others is connection we all need.

All Apologies

I may not be eloquent and wordy with introductions. Today, apologies were on my heart. In no particular order:

  1. Just apologize. If you did something wrong, apologize. If you are perceived to have done something wrong, empathize & apologize. If you were wronged and wronged them back, just shut up & apologize.
  1. You DO owe an apology. That’s if you want to be a kind human being. And you owe it even if they wronged you too.
  1. You aren’t owed an apology. Yes, by all means they owe you one but what I’m saying is get over it. Don’t pout and be cranky waiting for an apology. If you are waiting for an apology, you have already lost as a human. Healed, healthy, self aware people forgive before receiving apologies. Or they, at least, are in the process of forgiving.
  1. If you apologize and they still hold anger, be kind. Shut up and be kind. If they want to punish you, vent on you, and just refuse to be ok, you…be kind. Maybe they require time. Maybe they need much more. You are not in their head. You are not in their heart. You are not living their life. You do not know what unhappiness, misery, hurt or emotion is consuming them. The healed, healthy, self aware person’s option is to empathize and be kind.
  2. In this life, what they do and think doesn’t matter. What YOU do does matter. Be kind.

You can catch more of John’s heart here:

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