When the Fog Rolls In…

You get a phone call or text. Maybe it’s face to face. Your world slows down and the space around you feels like it is spinning in slow motion. And even slower motion. And even slower motion. A fog rolls in and you know that this is now a moment that you use as a point of reference as before or after _____________. Fill in your blank. 

It may be hanging up the phone with your doctor after she gives you a health diagnosis that seems impossible to beat. Or a police officer knocking at your door to deliver the news that a loved one was in a fatal car accident. It may be trying to comprehend a job layoff when you’ve given it your all. Or trying to catch your breath when you discover your spouse is having an affair or has been hiding a secret. It may be trying to accept you are an addict or your child or parent is an addict and the addiction is the one in control. It may be a miscarriage and the hope of new life in your home seems to be fading. The list goes on. And on and on. We all have at least one fill in the blank moment. Maybe two or three if we have lived long enough.

I had a fill in the blank moment two years ago. You know the scene in the movie where they make the room spin sloooooow during a tragic or suspenseful scene for dramatic purposes. That was real life for me. The space around me literally felt like it was spinning in slow motion. And slower motion. And slower motion. My mind trying to make sense of what I just learned. Trying to comprehend. Trying to make time go back to 10 seconds before when my world still made sense. And everything was the way it was supposed to be. I couldn’t make my world rewind. I couldn’t un-know what I now knew.

And then the fog rolled in.

Fast forward two years and here we are. I am launching a website. This isn’t anything I set out to do. I am a private person. Yet I was writing dear diary sort of entries to myself on Facebook and unintentionally began to share about my grieving, undoing, healing and transforming. And I found by being real and honest in my journey, I was connecting to friends, family and strangers. Not because I am a good storyteller – my friend, Gail,  she is the best storyteller I know – but because others began to recognize they are not alone. And our fill in the blank moments often cause us to feel alone. Yes, those moments are deeply personal and shouldn’t be compared to anyone else’s moment; but knowing that we aren’t the one only can give us courage, hope, encouragement, an often needed kick in the pants. And as I continued to get feedback through texts, social media responses and the face to face encounters in my office or a local store, I felt the Lord prompt me to expand my territory of sharing.

In the darkest and deepest days of my fill in the blank moment, I promised God and myself that what has evolved and continues to evolve would be used for good. And it would be shared. So here we are. There’s a good story to share. And it keeps getting better.

If you have ever been in a place where the fog rolled in – maybe you are in the fog right now – this is a place just for you. Stay with me. Take a seat at the table. And let’s learn what it means and how to live Grounded in Moxie.

3 thoughts on “When the Fog Rolls In…

  1. I love this Cheryl! I’ve seen so many of your inspiring posts on Facebook. There’s always a fog somewhere.. glad you are working yours out!


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